Friday, 16 April 2010

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped me with my dating profile headline!  With your ideas I had a flash of inspiration.

Ideally I am looking for a someone who is a bit of a sportsman.  OK - a rugby player.  So here it is:

Do you look good in shorts?

Yes, I think that will work.

I know, it’s totally lame but it will have to do as I’ve got a mental block and I can’t think of anything better for now.

I've written the rest of my profile and it's online now.  I have to say that I still feel totally embarrassed about the whole thing.

God, what will it be like if someone I know sees me on there? I think I would die. But then again, anyone who sees my profile must be on the website for exactly the same reason as me.  Unless they take some sort of perverted pleasure from cruising dating sites.

I hope that my ex Matt doesn’t see me on there as that would be disastrous. In a way, it will be like I am admitting that he is better than me, as I have to resort to internet dating to meet anyone.

Tragic, internet matchmaking.

Oh God, I can’t think about this anymore as it’s starting to upset me. I figure that as I am now effectively flirting in cyberspace 24/7 and I’m starting to get stressed even thinking about it, I will leave my crappy profile to get on with it whilst I do something much more interesting than watching my inbox and waiting for random men to send me creepy messages.
(Mental note to self: not everyone on there is creepy. Probably. I’ve got to give online dating a chance.)

One thing is very evident though.  There seems to be a very fine line between sounding happy, positive and up for a laugh in your profile to coming across as a little bit mental. Also, is it just me or does writing “I like staying in and watching DVDs with a bottle of wine” make you sound as thrilling as a wet weekend in a crappy caravan with only a chemical toilet for company?

Sure, I love doing that too (that’s watching DVDs and drinking wine by the way, not sleeping in a glorified tin can with only a cupboard to shit in). However, if that’s all you can think of writing about yourself then you really should give up now and consign yourself as another soul lost in the dating wilderness.

Needless to say I didn't put that in my sales pitch.  Because that's what it is, isn't it?  A sales pitch.  I feel a bit dirty - like a prostitute flaunting herself in a window in Amsterdam

Agh I can't think about this anymore!  I'm off out for the day.


  1. May your rugby player find your profile :)

    Gosh...that would be hard to write certain things. But then again, honesty is what will win them over and match compatibilities. Good luck. must keep us posted.

  2. I only get my legs out for swimming and sex - and if I can get away with doing so for either, I will.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  3. I'm an occasional internet dater here (when they don't scare me off with the pre-date hell as per my BDFH/Blind Date From Hell posts). It does make for humorous posts - at least and, often, at most.
    I'm a new follower, and I hope you'll check out Life By Chocolate.
    Cheers, and good luck!

  4. Whoa whoa - why are you dissing internet dating? It's not a last resort! I bet you know 20 people who are online dating but you weren't aware.

    What's a better way to date, do you suppose? Picking up in bars?

  5. lame or not, it's accurate and the worst thing women do in profiles is not be specific about what they want.

    Online dating is a means to cover more man territory if you're looking for something specific but if you're only going to meet guys who message you first, then you're limiting yourself to "guys who think you're a match based on your ability to describe yourself adequately" + guys who have vague profiles but talk a good talk.

    In order to succeed you need a definite strategy that gets rid of the wrong guys quickly. like having your own rules and sticking to them like glue.

    Rule #1 looks good in shorts with evidence.

  6. You're right- it is a sales pitch!

    A friend of mine was discovered on a dating site by someone she went to high school with. They both had a laugh about it. I wouldn't worry too much. Like you said, they are on there for the exact same reason.

    Good luck on your quest for Mr. Hottie Shorts.

  7. Best tip a friend gave me about internet dating is "You DON'T have to answer everyone"

    I'm picky about what fruit and vegatables I buy at the store, I'm going to be extra picky about dates online.

    Best of luck!

  8. You're thinking about the approach of internet dating wrong.

    You're not "resorting" to internet dating to meet people, you're just with the times.

    Not everyone has time to meet people the traditional way, so when we have a moment, sit at the computer, scan thru pictures and profiles, weed out the losers and go from there. It's selective choice, not resorting.

    You'll do great! And of course there will be bad dates, but a jerk is a jerk regardless of the venue you met him in.

    Have fun!

    Being Samiantha

  9. Sounds like a winner to me!

    Being Samiantha is right, you can't call yourself a woman of the world until you've lost your internet dating virginity!

    Good luck!

    Rapunzel x

  10. I like the headline and I can't wait to hear about the replies you get!

  11. Attitude is half the battle! If the only men you think you'll meet is losers who 'resorted' to internet dating, maybe that's all you'll meet!

    Pretty soon, you'll fall in love and marry some futball superstar. Then you'll be one of these couples pushing all their friends into online dating ;)