Sunday, 4 April 2010

Delicious Dylan and Time to Get Shaky

Music: Get Shaky - The Ian Carey Project

So yesterday I watched my beloved rugby team, Leeds Carnegie, take on Northampton Saints - the team of my current crush du jour, Dylan Hartley.

Delicious Dylan wasn't named in the Saints squad because of his injured leg, bless him.

BUT, Dylan was on the pitch before the game and was sexily trotting around in a pair of shorts, helping out with the team warm up.

Even though Leeds lost 14-7 after a very close game (which was GUTTING!) I came away with a very well stocked visual wank bank.

Sadly I didn't see Dylan (left), or his team mate Ben Foden (right) in a state of undress...


Anyway, moving on. 

Today is Bank Holiday Sunday, which can mean only one thing:  No, not Easter eggs - a big night out.

Tonight's glittering destination is the wonder that is Wakefield.  Cue plenty of scary women with way too many tattoos, a smattering of middle-aged men trying their luck with teenagers, and me and my (much classier) friends.

It should be interesting. 

If I survive then of course I will tell you all about it.  Vodka and cattle-prods at the ready...


  1. Woo! I love the British anything goes for an excuse for a night out ;) Stupid American workaholic mind-set. No holiday for me :((((

    Ooh, but could you introduce me to Ben? Look at those rockin abs! He can practice his crunches on me any time ;)

  2. Haha! Any excuse for a few drinks!

    Oh and deal - you can have Ben and I'll have Dylan. Maybe we can pin them down in a cunning pincer movement! ;-) x

  3. Those abs......................
    Sorry I got lost in thought. Oh what I would do with those abs...

    Have fun tonight. And we do expect to hear all about it!