Sunday, 10 January 2010

So this is Me...

Music: Wild Young Hearts - Noisettes

This year is going to be a very good year. Sod the mourning of my twenties! I might look a bit older but inside I still feel like I’m 25... Just a more confident, sexier and switched on 25 that’s all...

Hello I’m Kate, I’m newly single and in a few month's time I hit the big 3-0.


So why am I still picking up meals for one at the supermarket at the ripe old age of 29 I hear you ask?  Well that's a bit of a long story, but one I'll tell you soon.  Generally speaking, the reality is that I spent my twenties having way too much fun with a string of men that were, well, lots of fun - with the exception of the one bloke that broke my heart.  My romantic shenanigans and random dating made it all but impossible for any of the usual marriage and babies stuff to materialise before I turn thirty in a few months time, not that I'm overly bothered about it in all honesty.  Everything happens for a reason, right?  It's just that I just haven't found my Mr. Right.  Well, not yet, anyway.

Whilst things might not have panned out as I might have imagined when I was younger, I’ve definitely had plenty of fun during the last ten years and I have few regrets. My twenties were filled with all the things you might expect - like hedonistic drinking, going to university and making some lifelong friends, travelling to fantastic places on a budget so tight it would make my tight-fisted bank manager look generous, and somehow managing to survive a couple of long term relationships along the way. I also have to admit that I enjoyed the occasional sordid and utterly fantastic fling, and (don’t read this Mum) satisfied myself with the odd bit of casual sex.

Now with only a few months left with my age starting with the number “2” I’ve realised that the hard bit should really be over. After spending my early twenties either getting lost in filing cabinets or scraping up dog poo (not my most glamorous job!) I’ve moved on from all the 'crappy' dead end jobs and now I have a ok-ish career.  Well, it keeps me in nice handbags.  My friends are brilliant, and finally as an almost thirty year old I don’t feel the need to impress the cool kids, the unattainable men or the stick thin girls anymore as I’ve realised that actually, you know, I’m not that bad.

Therefore, it’s with this new mindset of confidence and happiness that I enter singledom this time, and if I’m honest I’m actually really looking forward getting out there and showing the world the me that I really want them to see.

I might as well say this now as there’s no point in denying it: I am looking for the perfect guy, my perfect guy, and this is the year that I am going to find him.

Yeah. yeah, go on have a laugh!  The perfect man doesn't exist, right?  Well yes I'd be inclined to agree with you, but I'm looking for the man who is as perfect for me as possible, and that doesn't include the usual suspects who tend to use their personality as a contraceptive or have ridiculous amounts of ear-hair.

Don’t get me wrong being single is great, but I’ve been there and done that and I’m going to be thirty in a few months. To be brutally honest, I don’t really have time to mess around anymore. This time I have to play smart and focus on what I want, which is handy as for the first time ever I think I know what that is...

Therefore, as dull as it might sound practicality is my new keyword, as if I don’t know what I want then how am I ever going to stand a chance of finding it? Unlike when I was twenty two and fresh out of university, I don’t have limitless amounts of time to waste on men who aren’t right for me, especially if I do want a couple of rug rats running about in a few years...

So this is where this blog comes in.  I've come up with a list, or the Perfect 10, which I'm going to use to guide me through the dating minefield and help me to the find the man I've been half-heartedly looking for all these years.  Obviously I haven't been able to find him as I've been somewhat distracted by Pedro and his perfectly pert peach of an arse.  Or something.

I'm just adding a few final touches to my Perfect 10 list, which is coming up next...


  1. good luck with the following! :)

  2. Love your Blog and can't wait for your 'P10 List'!! and...I'm following as well!! ^_^

  3. Thanks for following!

    Aion, my 'Perfect 10' list can be found here:

    Kate x