Friday, 15 January 2010

Mr Sugar Allergy: A Sour Start...

Music: Alcohol - CSS

A few weeks after my minor dalliance with Mr Sexy 20yr Old I went out into town again, this time on a Friday night after work. I met up with my friend Beth, her boyfriend Rob and my other best friend Louise for a few post work drinks and a bit of a catch up. Rob was meeting up with a few of his mates and he left us pretty early on, so we headed to one of our favourite bars to get a table before the evening rush started.

Prohibition is one of those bars that is always dark inside due to the thick red and black curtains and wall hangings that flank the ceiling to floor windows. The tables and chairs are made of dark mahogany, and the bar is partitioned with plenty of tables and big red leather sofas for you to sink into in hidden corners. It always gets busy after about 9pm for a number of reasons: It’s filled with some of the more beautiful people that go out in town but manages not to be overly pretentious, and whilst drinks are quite expensive there’s always a really chilled out atmosphere and sometimes you get a bit of live music.  Failing that they play a mixture of indie and classic dance music from yesteryear, you know, just to remind you that you're slightly older than you'd like to admit.

Having secured our table, Beth, Louise and I started to chat the night away with table service handily removing the necessity to queue at the bar.  As the sky darkened outside, we sat back and started to unwind over a few glasses of wine. Wine soon degenerated into vodka and after a couple of hours Louise had convinced us that pitchers of cocktails were an excellent idea.


By now my man-radar was working overtime, and I was getting into the swing of quickly scanning a room for any half decent specimens and giving them the once over, which generally went something like this:

Face: Good looking.

Body: Average. Nice jumper.

Hair: Good. Not ginger.

Height: Tall – excellent.

Mates: Don’t look like cocks.

Girlfriend: Can’t see one.

At about half ten the bar was pretty full, and we were getting ready to make a move and head on somewhere else.  Just as we were about to leave, Beth got talking to a bloke who was standing quite near to our table. He was pretty foxy, quite the Mr Fit, but he was one of those men that knew it. He was out with a group of three or four friends who were now all looking over at Louise and I.

Here we go...

Beth beckoned me to go over and join her conversation with Mr Fit, and I thought well why not? After all my confidence was being fuelled by vodka and several mojitos and he looked like he'd been put together rather nicely. The fact that I was now sitting on my own as Louise had wandered off to go and chat with one of her work mates sealed the deal. I stood up, tottered on my heels ever so slightly and wandered over to introduce myself to Mr Fit, with Beth winking at me conspiratorially all the while.

What a disappointment. He was a total knob.  Our brief conversation went something like this:

Me: "Hi, I'm Kate. Are you having a good night?"

Mr. Fit. "Nah. It's shit in here."

OK. Lovely to meet you too.

Beth: "He was just telling me about his job. He works as a..."

Mr Fit (butting in): "I'm an entrepreneur. I buy stuff. I sell it for a massive profit. Last year I turned over £3 mill. Bit of a bad year. You know how it is."

Me: "No I don't."

And quite honestly, I couldn't care less.

Mr Fit: "Yeah well I still bought a new Ferrari."


Me. "Great".

I stifle a yawn.

Me: "Anyway, got to go.... to the bar. Beth?"

I grabbed Beth by the hand and despite the table service still being in full flow I dragged her to the bar.

Talk about someone bigging themself up. Mr Fit might be good looking, and possibly quite rich (if he wasn't spouting a load of bullsh*t) but he was so full of himself it was unbelieveable.


As Beth and I stood at the bar I glanced back towards our table where I noticed that one of Mr Fit's friends was giving me the eye.  Maybe it was worth staying a little longer...


  1. I can relate. When I was single, I was not like that, but lots of my buds were. I just kind of stood away from them like I didn't know them.
    I feel your pain, the single life has its benefits, but it also has its challenges!

  2. Is that like the guys on the trains the like to 'inconspicuously' not-brag about their latest deal or how much their bonus was last month? Sometimes I wonder if there was anyone else on the other end.....

    Loveing the stories; keep em coming! :)

  3. I cannot believe some ignorant prick talked to you or anyone like that.

    Good lord.

  4. Ahaha men like this make me laugh. Do they really think they're going to get somewhere? I guess there is always the girl in it for just the sex and the money... hey, who hasn't been that girl at least once... :P

  5. I would rather pull out my eyelashes one by one than carry on a conversation (or more) with a guy like that.


  6. ugh, that guy sounds horrid. geez.
    i think my work day monday is going to involve reading all your archives (i mean that not in a creepy way, but in a, I like your writing way)

  7. I like the fact that he had to mention he bought a Ferrari. Hahaha! Because that makes EVERY girl want him, of course.

  8. mr fit was sure a big buzz kill......can't wait to hear about ur weekend! :o)

  9. Had to laugh! I'm sure I've met him or his brothers or cousins along the way...

  10. Ha, ha...typical, eh ? Next time that happens, just ask the guy if he's Gay. When he's finished reeling back, all offended and disgusted, just apologise heartedly and say that you saw something in him that was just so gay !

    Then frown like you feel sorry for him, flick your hair, spin on your heels and walk away triumphantly while you stick your chest out !!

    Job done.

  11. Poor guy, obviously has very low self esteem! Your experience is making my Saturday night on the sofa with Dirty Dancing on dvd sound a whole lot better LOL.


  12. I'd love to buy a ferrari during a bad year....

  13. Thanks for your comments! :-)

    Oh yes, Mr Fit was a total delight. Not. I wish that we had left there and then but sadly we stayed. You'll see why I say sadly when you read the next installment of the Mr Sugar Allergy story.

    Kate x