Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sun, Cider and Staring

Music: Steal My Sunshine - Len

On Sunday I watched my first live rugby league game.  It was great.  The sun was scorching, the beers were flowing and the players' shorts were VERY short.

I went along with Mick, Dan and Jason from work, a couple of Dan’s friends, Gav and Liam, and Dan’s girlfriend Vanessa.

We all met in a pub in town and had a few pre-match drinks to start the afternoon.  Well, with the UK in a mini-heatwave it was rude not to!  I’ve met Dan's friends and missus a couple of times before and they all seem pretty nice, although when Dan gets together with Gav and Liam they do tend to end up giggling like five year old boys.

Vanessa and I get on OK, even though she can be a bit moody. Occasionally she and Dan will have spats in public which can be quite uncomfortable to be around but usually she is fine with me. Saying that, Dan did tell me she has accused Dan and I of being more than just good mates which obviously isn’t true. Despite this, Vanessa is friendly on the odd times that we do see each other and we get on alright even though we don’t have that much in common.

As for the match - it was pretty good as it goes.  Not that Mick would ever admit to it.

During the first half I stood in between Dan and Mick and we engaged in our usual banter.

“This game is shit,” Mick stated in an obvious attempt to wind Dan up. “What is it, a game of chase the egg?”

Mick is a die-hard football fan.  I only think he came along to drink in the sunshine.

“Yeah whatever,” Dan retorted. “The only crap thing about this game is the venue."

It's true.  The open air stands were falling to pieces.  Thank God it didn't rain.
“Will you two keep it down please,” I said as I tucked my increasingly flyaway hair behind my ears. The heat was turning it into a frizzy disaster. “I can’t concentrate on the foxy rugby players with you two going on!”

I smiled at them both, and Dan laughed.

“Yeah, typical bloody woman,” he replied, but did so with amusement.  He knows that I actually do like the game and not just the players.

As half time approached I found myself thinking about Mick’s question about who I find attractive at work.
I still hadn't worked out if there was a hidden agenda in there somewhere.

The early summer sun was really hot and I fanned my face with my ticket to try and cool down.  As I did this, Dan leant towards me so he could catch a bit of the makeshift breeze.

“It's bloody boiling," he said, "Or is it just me?"

“Ha!  I think it's them," I replied, nodding towards the pitch.

The players were trotting about in the skimpiest shorts I have ever seen.

Dan looked over, before starting to fan us both.

“Well if you want to stay cool, whatever you do, keep away from Mick's moobs.” Dan said. “Those bad boys are like a hideous human hot water bottle!"

As he said this, Mick pressed his man baps together in an attempt to create a bit of cleavage under his t-shirt, making both me and Dan laugh.

Dan carried on fanning and smiled before casting me a sly wink. As he did this I felt my cheeks flush pink - and it wasn't sunburn.

What was that all about?  Why was I blushing?

I was about to thank Dan for cooling me down when my eyes were drawn past him and along to where Vanessa was chatting to Jason.  She was glaring me.


Dan might be really good looking, but we’re just friends. Nothing more.

But Vanessa didn’t seem to think so.

The hooter blew to signal half time, which also made me snap out of my thoughts.  I quickly dashed off to loo in the short interval, and when I returned I saw that Vanessa was standing next to Dan.

I hadn't really spoken with Jason yet, so I made my way over to him.  Happily, he had just got the beers in.

“Ahh, Jason!” I said as I re-adjusted my sunglasses. “I see you’re still the man with the best bar technique!"

I don't know how he does it, but even in the busiest bar he always gets served in less than 2 minutes.
“Yeo, that's right!” Jason replied proudly. “Here,” he whispered, handing me a pint of cider. “This will keep you cool!”

“Cheers!” I replied, lifting the plastic glass to my lips.

As I took a drink I saw Vanessa watching me out of the corner of my eye. She had a firm grip of Dan’s hand which she yanked back towards herself after he smiled and waved at me and Jason.

Is it just me, or had I done something to piss her off?

(To be continued...)


  1. Sounds like the evil green monster has a hold of her. Unless Dan has given her reason to doubt him, it smacks of insecurity. Nothing wrong with hanging out with your guy mates!

  2. haha she is clearly jealous of what "she thinks" could happen in the future. But she needs to stop before he notices and it will be all bad for her.
    You keep doing your thing, be you. To her you are a threat, be yourself and act cool =]
    Sucks that Dan is a hotty ::giggle::

  3. Hm, this is getting interesting. Is there a cat fight brewing?

  4. Oh! Oh! Kate, please tell us that you had it out with her and one of the hot rugby players came to your rescue!

    Btw, on one of my plane rides this weekend there were a bunch of rugby players. One sat next to me and starting talking about the upcoming game they were all headed to. I thought of you and was tempted to tell him I have a nice gril for him but then I realized you're in a different country :-/

  5. uh oh... sounds like she's definitely jealous. i suppose it must be hard for her to see her bf being all chummy with another girl...

  6. Jealousy at it's finest...

    Like Snafugirlsaid I hope the Rugby players came to your rescue... now that would be a fun weekend ha

  7. Meeeeeoooowww!

    Yep you've pissed her off just by being there and being female by the sounds of it!!

    Ooooh what happened next???

    Rapunzel x

  8. Ignore her, you've done nothing, and you shouldnt have to smooth things over with her when its her own insecurities that makes her behave like this.

    If it really comes down to it, dont be nice to her and simply tell her how it is. If she throws a fit well too bad maybe your fist will fit into her mouth.. (j/k)

  9. Interesting... can't wait to hear what happens next!

  10. It is because you understand rugby more than she does and are a potential threat because you are more than work colleagues with Dan...

    ...it's her problem anyway!! Can't wait for the next one xx

  11. lol. agree with 30ty. she sounds insecure.

  12. Oh Snaf, I wish that we had fought and the players came to my rescue! Alas that wasn't the case :-(

    And Fishy - No! That's not going to happen. He's my mate and that would be weird. And technically can a girl even "bang" a bloke anyway? Surely a girl can only be the "bangee" as we don't have the necessary, erm, appendage, to do the banging! :-)