Wednesday, 19 May 2010

If only Everyman could look like this...

Music: Celebrity Skin - Hole

I've been in a bit of a fud for the past few days.  It's probably because I've got exams at the moment and all my free time is being eaten alive by hours of tedious revision.  As a result, my social life is about as exhilarating as staring at a blank wall.

However, a few things have cheered me up.

Firstly, and I know Fishy will whinge, but Cosmopolitan magazine has a steamy selection of male centrefolds this month - all to raise awareness of male cancer for the Everyman campaign.  It's a great cause, especially when they snap hot rugby players who look like this:

Ben Foden, England and Northampton Saints full-back

Ugo Monye, England and Harlequins wing.

Acres of sexy male flesh somehow always manages to put a smile on my face. ;-)

But then, looking at this foxy pair made me kick myself all over again about Mr I Wish I Had.  Damn it.

Anyway, on Sunday I'm going to watch a rugby game with my mates from work which should be a good laugh.  A few drinks, a bit of gossip and watching some men in shorts will no doubt help to cheer me up. 

Fingers crossed I meet a guy who looks like Ben or Ugo, eh?


  1. It's not just Fishy that will be moaning about all the flesh, I am too!!!

    Enjoy the rugby.

  2. is his real name Ugo, or is that just the yourkshire spelling of Hugo? Ben Foden is a tasty man wit woo!

  3. You gotta warn a girl from opening that up on her computer at work! Hahaha. *drools*

  4. The problem with having a man that looks like that is the pressure of being the female version of perfection as well!
    I'll buy the poster while eating my bon-bon.

  5. the first one is my fave
    *sigh * sigh *sigh

  6. I could really get in to rugby!!

    Your comment on my blog really made me laugh by the way!

    Rapunzel x

  7. I think I've died and gone to heaven. Twice!


    Who needs a social life when you can stare at them all day?

  8. And can you measure up to their fitness levels?
    I play rugby, I am fit and I expect my girlfriend or the girl i am seeing to be into fitness as well.

  9. Margg - Indeed!

    Whyshedidn'tfancyme - Sorry!

    Call her...Chanel Girl - Yes, his real name is Ugo :-)

    LifeBegins - Oops! Bet it perked you up though!

    f8hasit - Hehe I like your style

    Jassy - Ben is my favourite too

    Rapunzel - Come and watch some games with me! Oh and I haven't replied to your email either have I? So sorry, been crap. Will sort that out now! x

    Snaf - I know what you mean. During my deepest, darkest, revision moment, Ben and Ugo keep me going.

    Jay - Fair point, but I'm not too shabby. Not that I like blowing my own trumpet ;-)

  10. oooh...

    and not that ben isn't perfectly fanciable ('coz he so very is!) but i can't help thinking that erm... it doesn't look like he shaves / waxes down there haha!

  11. My females would like to play with both of those guys.

  12. That has just totally made my day!! Lol...

    I am loving Rugby at the min

    Lottie x