Friday, 14 May 2010

Mr. I Wish I Had...

Do you have one person who you feel like you missed out on?

One man or woman who could have been everything you wanted, but who you let slip through your fingers?

I do, and I still kick myself about it to this day...

Mr I Wish I Had was the rugby player I met one night in town.  It's not an epic love story or a dating disaster - more a moment I will probably regret forever.

Mr. I Wish I Had played for the rugby team I support, and even though he was a few years younger than me I was a bit star stuck when I met him. I spotted him out with his friends in a bar one Saturday night, but being a total wuss I didn't dare to go over and say hello.  Fortunately my friend Beth has balls of steel, and she went over to check that it was actually him. When I say check, she actually walked up to him and said:

"Excuse me, are you X and play for Leeds?"

Subtle eh?

But it was him.  My vodka visor wasn't on the blink. 

When I finally built up enough courage (aka did a couple of shooters), I walked over, got chatting to him, and offered to buy him a drink.

It was great and he was lovely.  In fact, Mr. I Wish I Had and I were talking for ages.  He was out with a few friends and his brother, and they were all genuinely nice guys.  Thinking about it, he was probably flattered that someone had recognised him.  After all, Leeds weren't exactly a fashionable team and didn't have millions of fans.

To make things even more amazing we kissed.  It was very nice. Very nice indeed.

And then we full on snogged for 15 minutes without coming up for breath.

Everything was going great guns.  And did I mention his ARMS?  They were to die for, as was his arse - the finest I have ever grabbed to this day.  Ever.

The only problem with the whole situation was that I was too drunk to think straight.  Drunkety drunk drunk.  So what could I possibly do to spoil my rugby player fantasy?  Well, I left him to go and tell my friends just how lovely he was.


But the best thing is, once I was back with my mates I didn’t have the courage to go back over and talk to him again.  I just stayed with my friends and watched Mr. I Wish I Had leave about an hour later.

I was such a FOOL!

He probably thought I was being a total prick tease or that I just wasn't that interested in him.  Damn it.  I kicked myself as I didn’t even get his number.

There went my rugby player fantasy, right there.

The weekend after my sporting snog it was the first game of the season.  I stood and watched Mr I Wish I Had play, half smiling about our game of tonsil-hockey and half kicking myself for not setting up a rematch.

At the end of the year his try secured a cup final win and the first silverware my team had won in years.

And I was still gutted.

I think it's something that will annoy me forever.  I could have been in there - or at least got a shag out of it.

If only I’d got his number...

So do you have a similar story?

(By the way, he's not the bloke in the picture, but you get the idea...)


  1. i was wondering if he was the guy in the pic 'coz that guy has a fine ass hmm... :P

    it is a pity... you really should have gotten his number as he seemed just as interested in you as you were in him.

  2. ah.
    this happens all the time :(

  3. Ahhhh noo! You snogged for 15 minutes and then didn't get his number??? Nooooo! Okay, I'm definitely not making you feel any better.

    The only time I've done something similar was a few summers ago when I had SUCH a crush on a guy I worked with at a restaurant. Normally I don't have problem flirting with guys, but I just couldn't figure out how to ask him out in a work environment (I suppose I'm used to being in bars/ being a bit drunk...) I was leaving at the end of the summer, and FINALLY, three weeks before I was to leave, when he drove me home from work one day I awkwardly blurted out, "So, uh... we should hang out some time..." He kind of laughed at me because "some time" sounded ridiculous, given the circumstances. We did go out a couple of times, but he was pretty traditional and a gentleman and we never even kissed because he knew it wasn't going to go anywhere.

    Why oh why didn't I ask him out sooner??

  4. Gutted! Yup, that was definitely one fitty that got away. I suppose you already knew his name and could've tried to contact him but I think most guys find stalker type behaviour a turn off lol.

    I have a one-that-got-away story as well and it's times like these I wish my blog was anonymous so I could spill the beans!

  5. Dang that guy in the pic has a fine behind! I'm glad I have a private office ;)

    I can't believe you left and never went back! But I know what you mean about the drunken decisions. The next day I'm all like: Why?! Haha.

    Oh, and from reading my blog, you know my one-that-got-away. Funny enough though we seem to be corresponding again. Hmmm.

    Have a good weekend! :)

  6. Kate, that pic....woooh. *Daydreaming*

    I have a similar story but nothing involving an athlete! You go girl!

  7. Yes, dirty Heather, who blatantly wanted me when we worked behind the bar together at a popular student pub in Sheffield. She'd pinch my arse and I'd blush. I was in the dying stages of a rotten relationship and didn't want to cheat. By the time the relationship ended, Hevs had left. Balls.
    *Plentymorefishoutofwater - One Man's Dating Diary*

  8. Agh! You left to go talk to your friends!? I can see why you're gutted.
    My one that got away was former coworker and an athlete too. He had recently broken off his engagement & I felt he needed time. I didn't want to be the rebound. After a few months he headed out on a pro golf tour. I totally lost touch with him.

  9. That's a great story. Nowadays, you can look up just about anyone, right? You probably left quite an impression on him also and maybe he regrets not getting your number.

  10. Yes, I have a similar story... *sigh*...

  11. Why dont you get hold of him now?? Surely he wont be hard to track down?

    Why die wondering?

  12. This is the saddest story I've ever heard...!

    Rapunzel x

  13. Ouch - I felt for you as I read that especially if his body was anything like the guy in the photo...

  14. Ah thanks for your comments everyone.

    Alas WontDieWondering, I did some investigation (read Facebook stalking), and I found out he's now got another half with a baby on the way.


    That boat has well and truly sailed. :-(

  15. that picture is so so distracting. i keep scrolling up to get another view. talk about buns of steel ;)

    what would we ever do without facebook. damn. now i guess you write it off to 'it was never meant to be'?

  16. oh noooo! there's something almost pulls at your heart strings when you hear/see about "the one that got away"

    you could have abandoned your friends though and fallen into his lair, who knows you could have ended up as a sad old wag now, writing columbs for now magazine....

  17. I have a similar story-sigh....
    Damn alcohol and it's ability to bring forth liquid courage and then rip it away the second you realize you are
    'drunkety drunk drunk'
    cool blog