Sunday, 7 February 2010

Wot am I doin?

Music: Some Kinda Rush - Booty Luv

Craig and I have been flirting quite a bit over the past week, and in true teenager style it's all been done via text messages.  Oh yes, romance is well and truly alive.  Well, as long as it's within 160 characters.  Craig is definitely putting a big fat smile on my face, and a bit of gentle flirting is just what I need.


I can’t help but be put off by the way he writes his messages.

Argh.  Please don't hate me for saying this.

Craig’s use of spelling and grammar (or, the lack of it) does worry me slightly. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that I’m a grammar nazi, but I just don't understand why ppl feel da nd 2 tlk in txt spk. Am I being too picky? Maybe it’s because he’s a bit younger than me? Or maybe the English language was never his strong point?

I've discovered that Craig works with his Dad in the family painting a decorating business, and from the casual Google stalking I’ve done today it looks to be very successful business too.  Maybe this means he didn’t try too hard at school?  I almost feel a bit shallow in being put off by grammatical errors, especially as Craig is only meant to be a bit of fun.  I thought that kissing him on a night out would be the start and the end of our little liaison, but as we're now starting to get to know each other I fear that I'm looking into things too much and I’m skipping along ten steps at a time. I’ve got to calm down. We are only texting each other and this is only a bit of fun....

Is it?


  1. I can certainly relate to you being put off by the way he is texting. Fun, serious, what ever the relationship may be, a girl still wants her love interest to be smart.

    But could he possibly be using text speak since he is only limited to 160 characters? I tend to shorten my "you" to "u" when I have a lot to say and only 160 characters to say it in.

    I'm only playing devil's advocate here. Just something to think about. But in the mean time, keep hating on his lack of grammar ;-)

  2. I have a girlfriend a few years younger than me that for some reason got onto that text speak with all her friends. And in cockney. I literally have to read her texts about 5 times to know what she's talking about.

    But she's a very smart lady. Has a doctorate! So it may not have anything to do with grammar; just a generation thing.

    I think the larger issue is this new dependence on texting. Sometimes I like it because I'm busy doing other things. But other times I just want a phone call and/or just to go out somewhere! Ugh.

  3. I am a bit older and set in my ways. I like to use correct grammar and spelling even when sending text messages. But that is because I became accustomed to it before all these electronic gadgets came out.

  4. Text speak is such a turn off. I once tried to set up a date with a single girl who I knew liked to SWING (because it'd be great blog content) but in the end I gave up - she ended every word in her messages with a Z... and everything was LOL.

  5. Don't let it put you off entirely, but you are definitely entitled to be weirded out. It's not an age thing because I know plenty of very young people who can type quite well with a phone, especially since Blackberries became more of a social than business networking tool. I also know just as many adults who type like thirteen year old girls. Honestly, I would point it out (doing it half jokingly helps). If he's just shortening words, maybe he just sucks with a cell phone or finds it more convenient, but when people don't use punctuation it can be especially frustrating because it becomes difficult to figure out what the hell is person is saying without having to read the text over to find the proper pauses.

    Much love,
    AC @

  6. Yeah...
    See.. There are younger boys and there are older boys and there are boys of all types but what you need hone, I know because I am right there with you, is a man.. A man that knows when its appropriate for that text shit and when you need to be caressed by the sweet words of the english language, in all their glory.


    Perhaps we shall muddle through our "relationships" together..

  7. I can relate. I stopped seeing a girl because she dotted every i with a smiley face. That and she wouldn't swallow.

  8. i get it that sometimes you have to shorten some words in order to be more efficient in trying to fit in as many words as you can within the allocated number of characters. but not to a point where it gets really annoying and no one can understand what you're trying to say. so no, i don't think you're being shallow. hopefully his articulation is fine.

  9. I totally agree text speak drives me crazy!

    Kate xx

  10. I am right there with you Sarah - I hate text speak! It doesn't mean he is stupid but I do see it as an indication of laziness...

    Kitty x

  11. Yeah, text-speak sucks. It's funny that everyone seems to think this, but most people still do it! I think it's because most phones don't have the keyboard and it sucks to scroll through letters. Anyway, if you don't want to spend time spelling things out, how about a phone call?...Just sayin"...

  12. Well, I once dated a tradesman and he text like a fool too!


  13. I don't mind text speak as long as its on a phone and not in emails and such.

  14. Thanks for the back up everyone and for not making me feel like the text message police!

    Sometimes I think it's OK to abbreviate words if you're trying to cram everything into one message, but when it's every word that's being hacked and you've hardly said anything? I think that's a bit much.

    Oh and Fishy, thanks for adding me to your blogroll. ;-)

  15. You are so going to get it on with him. I too can't stand the txt language. It seems so dumb, no matter how you fluff it up. BUT, my new fancy phone makes t9 texting so difficult, that I am starting to qwerty and the stupid-no-grammar texting is much easier - less letters. u no?

  16. hi kate. i'm new to your blog and i must say this post instantly caught my attention! i so get this because i absolutely HATE text speak too. i'm not sure if you've wombat's (kiss and blog) take on this topic at

    your post reminded me of what he'd written about a while ago and i thought his post was pretty amazing ;)