Friday, 5 February 2010

The Sex Nations

The Six Nations tournament starts tomorrow, and I am VERY excited. 

If you're not aware of this feast of rugby, basically England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France and Italy battle it out for six weeks to be crowned rugby kings of the northern hemisphere.  Oh and it is packed with hot, handsome rugby men.

Therefore, to celebrate the Six Nations (and maybe to encourage some of you to give it a watch), I have handpicked a sexy selection of players.

1.  England:  Jonny Wilkinson

So lovely.  The boyish good looks, the healthy tan, the sandy blonde hair.  I've been a little bit in love with Jonny for about ten years now. 

2.  Wales:  Jamie Roberts

Wales' scorching centre.  He can tackle me any day, and as he's training to be a doctor he can kiss me better when we play doctors and nurses afterwards.

3.  Scotland:  Thom Evans

If you like Thom then check him out in the Dieux Du Stade calendar.  Basically it's a calendar packed full of naked rugby players.  It's top class lady-porn art.

4.  France: Frederik Michelak


5.  Italy:  I couldn't just pick one player.

Check out the Dolce and Gabbana campaign featuring several Italian rugby stars:

Sergio Parisse, Denis Dallan, Ezio Galon, Andrea Masi and Gonzalo Canale.

I am moving to Italy.

and last but by no means least...

6. Ireland:  Rob Kearney

I am lusting after the seriously smouldering Rob Kearney in a big way at the moment.  Oh the things I would do to this man given half a chance...

Therefore I have a weekend of men in shorts to entertain me.  Bliss!

Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. My O My...this looks like a sport i could definitely watch the entire way through :)- Lol

  2. Ah, just another reason for me to LOVE rugby :)

  3. I think I'll move to Italy too!

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I too can't wait for the 6 nations to start, its a big event in my house :D

  5. Thank you for a great start to my Saturday!

    Rapunzel x

  6. I like to watch rugby occasionally, I don't understand the game but I like the principle of men running round in short shorts with gorgeous muscly thighs being all manly and gggrrr....

  7. YUM. I am so not a rugby fan (being American and all) but you have TOTALLY changed my mind. I was used to the ones who look more like Oliver Kahn with a broken nose. Plus who wants a neck thicker than a head? But these boys? mmmmmmmm, just YUM

  8. Mmm, I need to start watching Rugby. Actually, this works out. I've been looking for a sport to get into and I like ones that involve a lot of fighting, but Ultimate Fighting isn't nearly as cool as it sounds. So thank you, you have really enlightened me. Again, mmm, yum.

    Much love,
    AC @

  9. Glad to be of service ladies, and yes Fishy, I am an unashamed perv!

    England and Ireland won yesterday (hurray!) and it's Scotland v France today. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon! :-)


  10. and that is why i love rugby haha!

  11. *faints*.. huh, what? Were you talking to me? Sorry cant hear you, oogling hot men...

    I love rugby and the men here who play look NOTHING like the ones you've posted.

    Being Samiantha