Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Call

Music:  Hanging on the telephone - Blondie

There’s not much going on in my uninspiring hotel tonight so I’ve been lying on my bed and absent mindedly channel hopping through the paltry selection of TV on offer. So far there isn’t much that grabs my attention and they don’t even have Sky Sports. In a word: crap.

I ended up settling on a documentary about the life of giant anteaters on an obscure channel. Not exactly my bag, but it was preferable to a snoretastic programme about cowboy builders or John Nettles solving yet another grisly murder in the sleepy village of Midsomer. I was starting to consider a spot of bean flicking to pass the time, when my phone skipped along the bedside table as it vibrated to life.

It was a message from Craig.

So did u get lost runnin again 2nite? Haha! Do u fancy meetin 4 a drink on Sat if ur not doin anythin? X

See what I mean about his grammar?

But that aside, he has just asked me out ON A DATE!  Eek!

As it happens I’ve not got anything planned this weekend apart from visiting my poorly Grandma again, so I sent him the following reply:

I’m visiting my family on Sunday but other than that have no plans.  I’d love to go out for a few drinks ;-) x

Then, about half a minute after sending that message my phone rings. I look at the caller display and my heart leaps into my mouth.

It is Craig.


I answer my phone.

“Hello,” I say cautiously.

“Hi,” says the male voice at the other end of the line. “I just thought I’d give you a quick call to see how you’re doing.”

His voice is warm, with the thick Lancastrian accent that I love.

“Oh I’m good thanks. Just a bit bored in this hotel room all on my own!” I reply.

Believe it or not, this is me flirting. Craig had already expressed his wish to ‘keep me amused’ in my lonely hotel room after I sent him a saucy photo of me just wearing a bra the other night. He’s not so brazen on the phone though.

“Oh well, you’ll be out of there soon,” he replies.

Oh well, I tried.

We make small talk for about ten minutes, and I manage to hold myself together to have a semi-normal, semi-giggly-with-nerves conversation with him. I think it took some guts on his part to call me, as so far teenage text messages have been the only method of communication. The conversation flows easily enough and he actually sounds really, really nice.

I can sense that the conversation is coming to an end, but before it does, the real reason for his call becomes apparent.

“So, this Saturday night...” Craig ventures, “are you OK to come over to Preston again? I know it’s a pain, but my parents are away and I’ve got to work on Sunday morning and check up on all the sites.”

“Oh that’s fine,” I reply. “I was coming over on Sunday anyway so I’ll just come over on Saturday instead.”

“Oh great!” Craig replies. “I really want to see you but I was worried that coming over here again would be a pain.”

Bless him, but does he not read his text messages?  I’d already told him about my trip back home.  One black mark for lack of attentiveness.

“Yeah, it will be good to see you too,” I reply.

I don’t have the heart to mention the fact that I have no idea what he looks like.

“So, where shall we meet then?” he asks. “It might be best if you pick,” he continues, “as I don’t really go into Preston that much.”

Ah, that old chestnut: the bloke ‘thoughtfully’ letting the woman pick the venue.

“Oh, er. I don’t know.” I say.

I haven’t lived in Preston for years, so how am I supposed to know where’s cool and where’s crap? The only places I know are all the dodgy places I used to go about ten years ago.

“Er, how about Revolution bar?” I suggest.

It’s a safe bet I think, as it is tucked away on a side street but is still busy enough without being too packed.

“Yeah, that sounds great,” Craig replies. “Shall we meet there at 8?”

“Yes, 8 o’clock is fine,” I reply. “So I’ll see you then!”

“Yep, see you then!” he replies.

“Right then.” I say.

I want to say something suggestive or flirty, but somehow I just can’t manage it.

“See you Saturday.” Craig replies. “Goodnight.”

“Yeah, goodnight.” I reply, before I end the call.


That was surprisingly easy.

I’m pleased that Craig and I have spoken to each other before we meet up, as it has put some of my fears to rest. He sounds really down to earth on the phone. A little bit shy and nervous maybe, but in a direct contrast to his text messages he is eloquent and well spoken, and sounds very, very sexy.

I just hope that I recognise him when I see him. I’m sure that some part of my subconscious mind will remember him and be able to pick him out in a crowded bar. I hope so, as otherwise this might well be the shortest date of my life.

Oh shit.  It's Valentine's weekend.


  1. You should have told him to carry a flower! Or a very bright shirt ;)

    Awe, you guys sound so cute. I thought he would at least keep you entertained on the phone for a while. Kudos to him for getting up the cajones to call you!

  2. you are funny! i love the way you write, i felt like we were just chatting. best of luck on the date. please (please) update me on this one!

    and yes, it's true. you should see 500 days of summer.

  3. Yes, the first phone call is tricky. Well, phone calls in general are tricky. I've had good dating prospects fizzle on me because of a bad phone performance.

    Hope the date goes well though. It sounds promising!

  4. As usual, we can't wait for the next exciting episode!

  5. Hmmm, I rather like the murders in Midsommer. Hope the date goes well and you do recognise him!

  6. Would it help if you approached him from the back? I think you mentioned you had a photo of him taken from the back. Enjoy your date!

  7. umm ya but i'm sorry to say (ignore me if i'm wrong but i think you said you already sent him a pic of you in your bra) he already owes you wayyyy more than this!!

  8. yay! i'm glad that you're going on date with him. i'm surprised though that he'd ask on a valentine's day weekend. seeing as how that usually puts unnecessary pressure on both sides. hope you have fun!

  9. Very subtle flirter you are, Kate. You're all about nuance by the sounds.

  10. Poor Craig, so innocent and naive. You telling him that you are bored in your hotel room could have turned into a full on phone sexcapade. Silly little boy! Have fun on your date. Can't wait to hear all about it.

  11. Weh hey you are going on a date!

    I really hope he is a fitty cause you realise everyone will presume that he is your Valentine going out that weekend?!

    I'm also getting the feeling that you'll be able to eat him alive, but maybe that's not a bad thing?!

    Rapunzel x

  12. LifeBegins & Ken - Eek I know. And he sounded nice too. Fingers crossed! :-)

    Geri - Thanks! Oh I'm definitely going to track down a copy of 500 Days of Summer!

    The Girl - Hmm, good idea to try and approach Craig from the back. I'll have to commit the photo of the back of his head to my memory!

    Wombat - yeah maybe my flirting is a bit too subtle. I suck at flirting.

    Snafugirl & Jenny DB- I totally agree with you! Big opportunity missed on his part.

    Joe Cap & Ca88andra - I will keep you posted!

    Rapunzel & Jo - I know! I am a bit scared about it if I'm honest, especially now you've pointed out everyone will think he's my Valentine. Agh! This is like a blind date just waiting to go wrong. Then again, if we get on and he's fit then you never know...! ;-)

  13. Oh sounds very interesting I can't wait to hear how this goes! I think subtle flirting is good by the way

    Kate xxx

  14. Flirting can be learned, Kate. You just need to find your way to being a flirt with a little help.

    Perhaps I can help?

  15. Please be my guest Wombat! x