Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Work has sent me away on a course for this week and I am staying at the exhilarating location that is London Heathrow airport. Yes, that’s right - I’m stuck in a hotel full of sweaty businessmen and Air Asia flight attendants: a lecherous mix of sexually frustrated testosterone and high pitched girlie giggles. Lord, get me out of here.

With the course finishing late in the evening and with only the meagre delights of the shops in Terminal 1 to amuse me, I am bored. So very, very, bored. The hotel doesn’t even have a gym, so last night I decided to go for a run around the airport perimeter instead. Never again, as despite the whacking great landmark of landing planes and twinkling runway lights, I still managed to get myself lost and nearly ended up getting bummed in a dodgy looking housing estate. Still, it was great exercise as I’ve never run so fast before in my life.

The only thing that is keeping me entertained is the daily textathon between me and Craig. During our daily text marathons I’ve found a few other interesting things out about him:

• He goes to the gym at least three times a week. This is good, as hopefully he’ll have a fit bod under his overalls.

• He drives a white van. This amuses me no end, especially as he had a crash in it yesterday morning. He wasn’t hurt (and fortunately nobody else was either) as he reversed into a wall and destroyed his wing mirror. He’s now desperately trying to get it fixed before his Dad gets back from his holiday...

• He has one younger brother who also works for the family business.

• He isn’t on Facebook as he claims not to know how to switch a computer on.
(Damn, so no potential stalking/vetting opportunities there).

• His favourite sort of music is pop/R’n’B.  Hmm...

• He’s really looking forward to seeing me again. :-)

As well as finding more out about each other, our texts have been getting much flirtier over the past couple of days. 

Oh, and whilst I was bored in my crappy hotel room last night I sent him a picture of me in one of my sexy lacy bras.

I know, I know, it’s unashamedly slutty, but in the past couple of days I’ve realised that I was starting to get ahead of myself in what I hope might happen with Craig. One of my friends recently described me as a serial monogamist, and as much as I don’t like the label it’s true. I’m terrible at being single and I always look for something more.

Therefore, I’m trying my best to ignore all the thoughts I’m having about Craig potentially being a good boyfriend, and instead I’m embracing my inner Samantha Jones and remembering what I wanted to achieve from my first spell of singledom: to have fun and to get laid.

Slutty?  Moi?  Yeah, maybe...


  1. I just thought of something...what if he IS computer savvy, and finds your blog?
    That could be interesting.
    Maybe he even has a blog of his own!
    That might be even MORE interesting, eh?

  2. Does this mean we get lots more blog posts? ;)

    Mwahaha, I want to see what Kate does when Samantha Jones is whispering in her ear :D


  3. OK I don't believe the computer thing. I mean, MAYBE he doesnt have FB ( i have a couple guy friends that have held out and refuse to join) but guarantee he can use a computer!!! (I mean, really.. who - that is datable, anyway, and not homeless - can't use a computer? besides anyone over 50.. and then they're not so datable. sooo.... ya, i second above.. careful on your blog! thought hat would be fun :) or minimally interesting. mwahah

  4. Do you have any pictures of him? How do we know he really exists? Maybe you're making up about your white-van-driving computer-illiterate hottie mchotpants? (No, actually I just want to see his hotness. My serial monogamy got interrupted...by a couple years. Ack! Did I just say that out loud?)

  5. For a guy to say he doesn't know his way around the computer...HE IS LYING!!! That's their outlet. Lol

  6. I do like embracing my inner Samantha Jones! Shame I haven't done it for awhile. Looking forward to your next post.

  7. ooh racy... but you really need to have a proper face to face meetup to know if there might be anything there...

  8. I agree with Jo you both need to meet up and hope the spark is there in real life to.

    and with the computer thing.. maybe he jsut doesn't like facebook but I can't see him not using a computer at all lol

    Lottie x

  9. LifeBegins, Samantha Jones and I are like that *crossing fingers to illustrate point* I plan on having lots and lots of fun with Craig! ;-)

    Also, I have an exciting update on the matter which I will post tonight.

    Joe, I doubt Craig will ever find my blog. I mean, my best friends don't know about it so how would a random pull ever stumble across it? If he does that would be hilarious though. I guess it would either appeal to the exhibitionist in him or I'll be back out in the wilderness, stalking like a cougar! (Well, a young cougar).