Saturday, 27 February 2010

Lost on the Sexual Highway

Music: M62 Song - Doves
After everything that's happened over the past couple of weeks I need a bit of cheering up.

When Craig suggested coming over to see me in Leeds for the weekend at first I was dubious.  But then I thought - why not?

True, he seemed a bit funny over the text after my Grandma's funeral but since then he's been back to his normal, flirty and fun self.

And plus, I always find that going out for a few glasses of wine is a great prelude to a night of fantastically distracting sex.

We'd arranged for him to turn up in the early afternoon, but so far he hasn’t arrived. I wasn't sure if this meant he'd blown me out, or if he’d been delayed or something, so I decided to send him a message to find out what the hell was going on.  You know, subtly, without sounding like I'm sitting on my sofa waiting for him to grace me with his presence.

Like I am.

Hi, hope you’re OK. What time do you reckon you’ll get to mine, as I might need to pop out and want to make sure that I’ll be in when you arrive? x

Craig might be many things, but he is good at sending instant replies to messages.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes later:

I’m just at my m8s at the mo’. Still on 4 bein round at urs 4 about 5. Lookin 4ward to tonite! x

Oh. So he’s only getting here at 5pm.  And his grammar still sucks.

I feel like such a knob.  I’ve been leaping off my sofa every five minutes for the past two hours when I’ve heard a car outside.

I thought we arranged for him to come over just after lunch?

Maybe it’s my mistake...

Oh hang on.  I think I know what's going on here.

Craig's parents are back from their villa in Spain.

Craig is looking for an action replay in the bedroom department.

Craig isn't arsed about seeing me this afternoon.  He's just interested in shagging me this evening.

Ah.  It's amazing how far a bloke will travel for sex.

What's the furthest distance you've ever travelled for sex?

I've driven hundreds of miles to see boyfriends before, but just for sex?  That's probably only about two miles. 

OK, so it wasn't exactly a journey of epic proportions but the trip really was worth every inch.  :-)

I'll have to tell you about him someday.  He was fantastic.

But back to Craig... 

I guess I'll just have to see what happens on our second "date" tonight.

It looks like sex is definitely on the agenda though...


  1. "OK, so it wasn't exactly a journey of epic proportions but the trip really was worth every inch." Hehe

    I've gone to Boston from NY for sex. Ok, well not JUST sex. I end up having a non committed relationship on and off with the guy for years. But yea, that far.

    Can't wait to hear how the night went!

    Snafugirl xoxo

  2. I've flown 3000 miles to California for it as well as had someone fly the same to see me.

    Why didn't he just come over in the early afternoon as agreed. It's a bit rude if you ask me.

  3. I've once flown to another country - but things didn't work out quite the way I'd planned...

  4. I once walked from the kitchen to the living room...

  5. I went to Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong ... for the same guy.

  6. Wasn't Craig supposed to be like a step back into the dating world? Sorry if I'm wrong..

    Just enjoy it hun, Smile and stop worrying =D

    Lottie x

  7. It's cool if you're just in it for the sex too - if not, then he needs to buck his ideas up! x

  8. I want to know what happened on your date! ;)

  9. Ken - 3000 miles! WOW!

    Snafugirl, The Girl and Ca88andra - The distances we go to eh? ;-)

    Joe Cap - haha I love that!

    Lottie - you're totally right!

    Kitty - That's what I'm not sure about. I don't know if I can have sex without a relationship...

    Lifebegins - The second date post (part 1) is up now!