Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Magic Number

I’ve never really played the field before in my life. Never ever.

Well, maybe a bit but not very much when compared with everyone I knew when I was younger.

Even when I was stumbling around my university campus, drunk and horny after £1 a pint night I was never that promiscuous. I snogged plenty of gorgeous shaggy haired indie boys but that was generally as far as it went.

The only men I actually had sex with were my boyfriends (with only a couple of exceptions), and I was always ridiculously serious about them as that was all I knew and was everything that I wanted.

Looking back, I now know that my lack of self-confidence as a naive 20 year old stopped me from whipping through a long line of blokes.  Not that I consider myself to be a man eater now you understand. 

Saying that, the creation of GHD straighteners is nothing short of a minor miracle as far as I'm concerned.  The stupid frizzy blonde hair of my youth is definitely a thing of the past, which helps when I'm trying to flick my hair around and look seductive.  For a start, I don't look like I'm wearing a bird's nest on my head or like I've been shagged through a hedge backwards. 

All this all leads me to my question for today: Just how many is too many? 

I'll be honest with you.  I've slept with eight men. 

Yes eight.  I don't think that's too many for eleven years of sexual history, do you? 

OK so I'm not exactly Mother Theresa but I'm hardly a whore of Babylon either.  And yes I've done "stuff" with other guys too (which I'm not counting by the way...). 

The thing is I've always been a bit tradtional and only slept with guys I was way to serious about or gave my heart to all too freely. 

Well, most of the time.  There are a couple of notable exceptions, namely Craig and Sexy Motorbike Guy (who I will tell you about one day, I promise).

I just think that I suck at being a slut.

Yep, as Serenityville said, I think I'm a relationship kind of girl... 

Is that a bad thing?  And eight's not too big a number, right?


  1. No, that's fine,
    I'm only at 7. One of whom was totally unnecessary. The others were men who I clicked with at the time.
    And hopefully no 7 (Ep 17) will be somebody i'm sticking with for a long time.

  2. I think eight is a nice number. No man wants to think his girlfriend has had dozens on dirty fiddlesticks up her front bum - but if the number is too low you start to wonder why.
    *Read about my dating disasters at plentymorefishoutofwater*

  3. I think 8 sounds like a good number. Enough to show you know what you're doing but not enough to make foolish men insecure.

  4. *starts counting in her head .....*

    Eight is fine.

  5. Can I say 7 3/4? I think 8 is just perfect :) I agree with Fish: dozens might be too much, but I think a little experience can only be a good thing ;)

    Ooh, and I can't live without my hair straightener either! I wish they made a mini version that could fit in my purse for morning-afters ;p

  6. Great minds think alike.. :) I just MAY have had a similar post yesterday..

    8 is fine. 8 is not in the double figures. And for 11 years.. It's not even 1/year.

    Sometimes you just gotta shag a lot of frogs to find your prince charming.


  7. Ah Kate you are one of my favourite bloggers and I've just had a lovely time catching up with all your posts that I missed while sipping Gin Fizzes by the pool.

    I was so glad that you'd posted about the end of Craig cause quite frankly I was shouting 'No, No, No!' at my screen. He did not sound even nearly good enough for you and particularly not when all you were looking for was fun. Fun should be exactly that!

    I'm sorry to say that I do not like this post though - it's making me feel bad about myself!! Do not ask me my 'number' when we meet for the blogger's night out cause I'll definitely lie now!

    Rapunzel x

  8. Honestly 8 is really small compared to the girls that I know. And you are not a whore because you slept with guys. Shoot guys sleep with a lot of women, they don't get called bad names so why should you ? Also being a relationship type of girl is not bad either I believe. It is fun sometimes to play the field, but even nicer having a permanent guy by your side when you wake up, or just to call =]

  9. Time to bring a guys opinion into this!!!! Dun dun dun. *erie music* eight is alot. LOL. (joke) ok, not really. but you must remember that dudes, myself included, are going to, if you continue to let them, use you for sex.
    And i wont lie, im no saint.
    My count is 1, btw. lol.
    And since i go to a christian college then my chances of getting more is dramaticly reduced.
    anywho, Ill be rooting for ya!!!

  10. Eight is definitely an okay number to be at...

    I've know some girls to get deep into the 30s by the time they get their degrees.

  11. 8's nothing to be ashamed of! But at the same time, it's nobody's business. ;)

  12. Uh oh...Thanks Fish for the comment above, because according to him there's something wrong with me!

    I'm a sex-in-a-relationship-only kind of girl too. Only problem is, I'm the commitment-phobic kind of girl too...which means I'm 22 and the number of notches on my belt is at an all-time record!

  13. You guys are having a bloggers night out?! Shit. I wish I lived near you!

    Kate, be proud of the number eight. It rhymes with your name. It's still in single digits. And while you are patting yourself on the back, I will go bow my head in embarrassment. But hey...they've all made for good stories ;)
    I do live by the rule of "Don't ask, don't tell" much like Rapunzel seems to.


  14. Eight is perfectly great! Actually any number is perfectly fine - as long as you are happy!

    I find myself more fearful and insecure of the number of women my partner has slept with - in the sense of being compared to them, as well as fear of being under experienced!!!

    How many is too many for a guy?? that's what I want to know?

  15. Thanks for your comments everyone! So eight is great :-) hehe