Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Final Countdown

Sorry that I've been away for a while.  Things have been manically busy on the course I'm doing and I've not had the time to scratch my bum let alone blog!

I left you all with a lovely mental image of a cheesy cock a couple of weeks ago...  Well it's time to move on from all of that.

It's almost my 30th birthday.

The Big 3-0.


Wow, I’m going to be old. Well, older.

The fact that my birthday celebrations start now is going to sound completely ridiculous when I tell you that I don’t actually turn thirty for almost a month. It’s all my friend Louise’s fault though so I’m going to blame her.  I’m not the one who decided to have a “Birthday Month”. Why have a “Birthday Week” when you can stretch it out to a month instead?

Well, it is a landmark birthday so why not?

The reason why my birthday starts now is because Louise, as my best friend, wants to do something special for me and this weekend was the only weekend I am free. Next weekend I’m heading down to London with my university friends, the weekend after that is my Official Birthday Night Out™ with all my friends, and then I am heading off to Vegas for five days which is where I’ll be on my actual birthday (but more about that later).

Therefore this Saturday Louise has something planned and it’s all a very big secret. She is getting so giddy about it she must have planned something good. Bless her, I can’t wait! It’s Louise’s thirtieth birthday in a few months time so she knows she has to be nice to me as otherwise I will get her back... in the nicest possible way, of course...


  1. I think your 30s are WAY better than your 20s. Hopefully no more cottage cheese dicks, that is ;)

    So jelly! I want a birthday month! And of course we want to hear all about it ;)

  2. aww wow i love vegas, i drive there when i can LOL. You will have tons of fun. It's nice to celebrate with your girls =]
    Cant wait to hear all about it. Happy Birthday, that isn't bad at all =]

  3. I want to be 30. I'm tired of the 20s. Enjoy it.

  4. a birthday month? that's awesome. so much better than just a birthday week :P i turn 30 in 1.5 months, maybe i should start celebrating too. sadly no london or vegas for me though. have yourself a fun one!

  5. I predict that Louise will get you a rugby-themed stripper.

  6. A birthday month sounds like an excellent idea! Hope you have a wonderful birthday... month!

  7. Wouldn't consider anything less than a month to celebrate such an important birthday... and I say that every year!

  8. Sounds fantastic - you've got great friends Kate!
    Have fun.

    Poetry and Pornography

  9. Enjoy your lovely 30th.

    Getting soooo old. Jeeze I am only a few years behind you. Attending my 10 year reunion this year. *sigh*

    Have lots of fun and make sure to do horrible things.

  10. Ken's got a great idea there, Kate. I can't think of anything that would make you more happy. Well, not much more :-)

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  12. By my calculations you should be nearly on your way to Vegas...Enjoy :) xx

  13. Just to say I really hope you'll update this blog soon!! I love your blog.

    Claire Marie x

  14. Still holding out that its a temporary hiatus (even after over a year). Really enjoyed reading your blog and hope things are going well.

  15. Your birthday is gone but nevertheless here's me wishing you a very big happy birthday!:D So what did Louise did finally on the The Day? Till now I always thought a birthday celebration lasts for 24 hours,you've given a new dimension to it! Thanks!
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  16. I don't why turning 30 is comparable to a girl turning 18. It is a sort of turning point of man's or woman's life. Next year i will reach the big 3-0 too, and i am planning to give myself a one of a kind gift, travel.

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